The town of Crooked Cross was founded in the year 200 4E, starting out as a crossroad between farming towns and Sheepmarket to the east. The first man to lay claim to living here was Imthar a retired fighter in the kings army who was given a few acres of land by the crossroads, he founded the Lone Shepherd Inn, in 187 4E. After a few years the local Apothecary was founded (in 198 4E) by Maqan this drew people into the town. In 200 4E the King of Inas decreed that the town of Crooked Cross was officially a village lead by the then Inn keeper Imthar declaring him and all his children Lords of village and the surrounding lands. Despite his new Lordship, Imthar never built a home for himself outside of the inn or charged taxes to the local people.

In 600 4E when war broke out the kings the current lord Tepa son of Imthar chose to close off the village which now had a population of about 700 people. He refused to join any one side. Unfortunately the town was over run by King Leathu of Iriarnis. He killed most of the village folk just to prove a point. Of the few survivors was the young son of Tepa and Magan who fled west to the fort of Lord Gray Varre and pledged his banner to him there and then.

In 652 4E the war had been won by The Emperor of Forlinde and the whole region was declared the Earldom of Earl Cune II. It was at this time Magan and Varre moved back to crooked cross with their families. No longer a Lord, Varre had settled on reopening the old inn and the village was reborn.

In 1200 4E the village in this day is still a small with between 200 and 250 people living there the Lone Shepard is now run buy Stomi the descendant of Varre and his wife Emphdita Gray.

People of note Edit

  • Valmir the investigator : He often helps out the local farmers with finding livestock.
  • Whisky the Bard : A local bard of some fame very popular with the local tax collector Cono.
  • Cono the tax collector : The local money man he is a little eccentric and has a strong dislike of dragons.
  • Urah, Zetaya and their daughter run the local apothecary the family descend from Magan.
  • Stomi the Inn Keeper: He is the unofficial lord of this village mostly known for his own brand of Fire Ale

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